Toddlers and Tiaras or Toddlers and Traumas

Toddlers and Tiaras, for those of you who don’t know is a reality TV show about young children who compete in national and regional beauty pageants. Although I find the TV show very entertaining, I don’t agree with the concept of beauty pageants.

From watching the show I have noticed that many of the parents are overweight or not particularly pretty, this makes me think that it’s more their dream rather than their child’s. The parents can also come across extremely pushy, no 3 year old in their right mind is going to want to practice walking around their living room with an cheesy, false smile on their face. The first time I saw a beauty pageant, I was very shocked to see kids under the age of one participating, no parent should be putting make-up on their one year old daughter, it’s ridiculous. They can’t even walk and have to be carried around the stage as they cry because they are wearing big frilly dresses that look incredibly uncomfortable.

Many parents teach their children from a young age that it’s what in the inside that counts. What sort of life lessons are parents teaching their children by caking them in make-up, making them wear false teeth and entering them in a competition where they are judged plainly on there outward appearance. A child’s confidence is very important and for many pageant children to win their pageant means everything to them and when they don’t win their confidence can be knocked significantly. Some people may argue that pageants help their child’s confidence. This may be the case for some, but for many it has the opposite affect. 

Some of you readers may think I am being to harsh, and that some children really enjoy the beauty pageant experience, but this is not always the case. Brooke Breedwell, a former pageant child star to the press in 2012, “Since I was three I was pressured by my mum to be perfect. But living up to her expectations was impossible”. Brooke warned parents in an article not to put their children through what her mum had put her through. One of the worst things Brooke’s mother did to her was force her to go to tanning beds, Brooke said “I cried every time. That was three times a week for twenty minutes at a time.” Tanning beds are extremely dangerous, and for a young child going three times a week could have been life threatening. So although, Brooke was a huge success, winning 75 pageants in the Us by the age of 5, she wasn’t happy. 

In my opinion beauty pageants should be banned, they do more harm than good.