Is Miley pulling a Brittany or is her recent craziness planned?

You don’t need to be a genius in pop culture to have heard of Miley Cyrus’ new ways. Miley has said she wants to breakaway from her ‘Disney image’ as many other stars have attempted to do, but her attempt at this has brought about masses of controversy and has left Smilers (Miley’s fan base) all over the world shocked.

Many say her new attitude all started when she shocked the public with her new image. From her beautiful brown curly locks to her short bleached pixie cut. In her recent MTV documentary she said, ‘It was an opportunity to become the bad bitch I really am’. This was just the start of the controversy, but the event that got everyone talking was the VMA’s where Miley performed with Robin ThickeĀ , which drove 306 tweets per minute. In addition Miley then smoked a joint during her acceptance speech at the EMA’s, causing an uproar in the media.

The big question is, is it intentional? Every celebrity wants publicity, maybe Miley is doing all these things for fame. On the other handĀ  her recent break-up from husband-to-be, Liam Hemsworth may be starting to take it’s toll, is this an early mid life crisis for Miley?

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