12 years a slave

This story of a freeman kidnapped into the world of slavery brought me to tears. It shocked me that people were once treated so badly for no valid reason.

But the one thing that struck me most about the one thing that struck me most about this story was Solomon’s drive and perseverance. Throughout Solomon fought for words, for the right to be heard. During one scene Solomon attempts to write a letter to his family with a pointed stick and the juice of a blackberry, but he couldn’t. I think this helped symbolise Solomon’s struggle throughout his time as a slave, he couldn’t speak the truth in fear of being whipped violently and couldn’t write in fear he would be discovered as a learned man.

It made me realise we have many things we take for granted every day. Just the fact that I am able to write this blog and share my opinions is something Solomon was unable to do for a long time. This story made me so much more grateful for the things I am able to do. I can live without being in constant fear.



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