Introducing me….

Hey I’m Rachel Miller, I’m a teenage girl obsessed with music, books and coffee. I believe that in life we should seize every opportunity that we are given and flourish through them. As a teenager, i’m always busy juggling my school work and my hobbies. But as hard as it is, I really like to make time to write.

I use my blog to express my love and passion for Christ. It’s not a blog to preach to others and tell them what to do, but simply me writing about something I feel is extremely important.

I really hope and pray that this blog will help others, even if that’s only one person, in their journey with God, because we are all on that journey together.

God bless


4 thoughts on “Introducing me….

  1. Was going through some blogs and found yours, these are brilliant, by far a journalist career would be perfect for you Rachel :).

  2. Rachel I’m so proud of you for this blog. Well done girlie. Very inspiring!! Hope you have a fab summer and good luck with the new school year ahead. 😄
    Honestly more people need to read your blog!!

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