The Silent Love Story

Yesterday I stumbled across the sweetest love story I have ever seen. I was just flicking through Disney Pixar Shorts and found a simple little black and white film called, “Paper Man”.
“Paper Man” tells the story of a young man who works in an office. One of the man’s papers is blown into the face of another member of the public waiting for her train. The man peals the page back to reveal the most beautiful woman he has seen. The page is now printed with her signature red lip stick. The man later sees the woman from his office window and tries to catch her attention by throwing paper aeroplanes. After many failed attempts he puts all his trust into the last page, the one with her lip stain.
You will just have to watch it to see what happens.
The film is in black and white except for the lady’s lips. This helps add an even more romantic aspect to the movie as it shows that the only thing the young man is focused on is her. As cheesy as it sounds; she is the colour to his world.